The accreditation and development programme establishes an international quality standard for education specialists who offer advice, support and challenge to schools, colleges, and all other education providers.

Challenging and supporting colleagues within other schools and colleges requires a unique set of skills and knowledge.

The process is based on clearly defined criteria and provides applicants an opportunity to reflect on, condense and showcase their skills and experience. Applicants also receive external affirmation, feedback and opportunities for further development.

Why become accredited?

  1. Demonstrate authority and professional credibility;
  2. Critically evaluate and support school improvement;
  3. Critically evaluate and support governance;
  4. Address complex strategic issues;
  5. Support organisational development;
  6. Implement quality systems and continuous improvement


Our accredited members include Education Advisers, Headteachers, Principals, Local Authority School Improvement professionals, Chief Executives, and Senior Leadership team members across all phases of education and across the UK and internationally.

Recognition & Trust

Giving those you work with confidence in the advice, support and challenge that you provide.

Professional Development

Access to professional learning and events from internationally recognised experts in your field to continually develop your professional learning.

Community Membership

Join our community, network with peers, share your knowledge and promote yourself in our public Register of Accredited Advisers.


Three core areas of skills and knowledge underpin the Associate assessment; Advisory, School Improvement, and Governance.

Senior Associate

A further three core areas underpin our Senior Associate assessment; Organisational Development, Change Management, and Quality Systems.

Join Our Community

We have a growing network of accredited associates who, by having a common value system and a means of sharing expertise, will transform the education systems that serve our children.

Become an Affiliate

We offer Affiliate membership for those who wish to be part of our community without becoming accredited.