Friend or Foe: trust in an educational enviroment – 2022 summit

Friend or Foe: who can you trust, and who should you trust in a changing high-stakes educational environment? – Dr Mick Walker.

Dr Mick Walker is President of the Chartered Institute of Education Assessors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised public and professional discourse about our system of formal education ranging from early-years provision and inequality, to trust in educational assessments. The system is full of noise around blended learning, levelling up and scrapping examinations, whilst in the background, government policy is quietly taking shape.

This presentation will look at developing national policy, the school curriculum and educational assessment in a changing high-accountability educational landscape, with a focus on how we can develop professional expertise in what schooling is actually about – and who we can trust to guide us.

Click here to watch a recording of the talk.