From Leadership Standards to Developing Resilient Leaders – 2021 summit

From Leadership Standards to Developing Resilient Leaders – Malcom Trobe, CBE

Malcom Trobe, CBE, delivered a fantastic talk at our 2021 summit, all about resilient leadership. He was accompanied by a panel of speakers.

Panel: Eric Halton, Maryssa O’Connor, Narinder Gill.

Malcom Trobe is the former Deputy General Secretary for the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL). He is currently on the Review Group for National Professional Qualifications and the ECF to advise on leadership issues.

Eric Halton’s educational career spans almost 40 years and has seen the introduction of local management of schools, the national curriculum, Ofsted and every twist and turn of national policy direction since. Most recently he has been supporting the education community with advice on leading during COVID.

Maryssa O’Connor has been a Principal and CEO of two schools in the UK. She is now embarking on a MSc in Leadership, Innovation and Management to further enable her school and staff to be ‘Beyond Outstanding’.

Narinder Gill has worked for over 2 decades in the educational field, successfully leading three schools as a head teacher. She recently published “Creating Change in Urban Settings”, which charts the journey and impact of curriculum and leadership development during challenging times.

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