Get to Know Janet Conroy

We sat down with Janet, our current Accreditation Officer, and asked her a few questions about her role, what it involves, and what she enjoys most.

How long have you worked at the AoEA?

“I joined the team last February, so a year ago now!”

In your role as Accreditation Officer, what are you responsible for?

“I have been responsible for our accreditation programmes, taking our candidates through their Associate and Senior Associate accreditation from application right the way through to completion, including their professional discussions, seminars, portfolios, and VIVA presentations.”

What is your favourite part about working at the AoEA?

“I love being part of such a passionate professional team. I truly believe in our vision to improve outcomes for all children, schools, and their communities.”

What are you most excited about happening in the next 12 months?

“Well Gurdeep is due to take maternity leave in the next few months so I am going to be stepping up as Operations Manager to cover her role whilst she is away. This is really exciting but very big shoes to fill! We will continue to fine tune our systems and grow & develop our team to allow us to provide the very best training, accreditation and membership services. We have our sixth Annual Summit to deliver in June which is always an inspiring event and a wonderful chance to meet and network with our members face to face.”

What do you like to get up to on a Saturday morning? 

“My husband and I are fortunate enough to work part time and so our weekend starts on a Friday morning. We like to walk along our local bridle path with our little Dachshund Dobby up to Number 9 Cafe to sit outside for a delicious latte. I think we are very lucky to live in Northumberland as we have the coast, the countryside and city all on the doorstep and I enjoy exploring all three.”

We are delighted that Janet will be taking the role of Operations Manager whilst Gurdeep is on maternity leave. You can find out more about Janet’s professional life here.